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About us

Avatar Controls USA

We at Avatar Controls have a thing for smart tech. We are committed to the reseach and development, manufacturing, and sales of the latest in smart technologies. From smart homes and smart communities to smart cites and IoT("Internet of Things") products, the vision of our company is simple:smart technology for simpler living.

Right now our mission is to offer you a suite of smart devices for all of your houshold applicances,all of which can be controlled by our applications, whether you're at home or out. We focus our resources toward maximizing your ease of living as well as the safety of you and your family. With our attention to quality, customer service, and transparency, we hope to work toward a better future for all of us.

We(Juwei Group) have grown a good deal since our founding in 2005. Our manufacturing base currently occupies 35,000 square meters of China's Guangdong province, with another 8,000 square meters dedicated to our R&D center in East China. You can find our other offices throughout the rest of the world, from Los Angeles to Paris,Manchester, and elsewhere, collectively housing 3,000 dedicated, valued employees.

At this moment our products can be found in more than 100 countries, an accomlishment we've achieved through our drive to serve you, the user. We hope that with this same drive we can redefine the connotation of "Made-In-China". Our collective of innovators has already pushed us to greatness and you can expect nothing less than the same excellence you've seen from us, your team in Shenzhen.

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